The Whole of Government approach is an integrated approach that requires agencies to work across portfolio boundaries as well as across federal, state and local governments. This is to ensure that issues are addressed by prioritizing the rakyat as customers.
Improving the government's delivery system involves transforming traditional methods to modernity by utilizing information and communication technology facilities as an important medium. To carry out these tasks and functions, the government has appointed the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) as the implementing agency for the Office of the Chief Information Officer (GCIO). MAMPU will also be involved with other central agencies such as the Economic Planning Unit, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Department in formulating policies and policies related to improving government delivery systems including policies related to short-term, medium and long-term planning, ICT procurement and Public Sector ICT governance.
The Digital Economy has been identified as one of the contributors to the nation's development to become the leader of the new industry globally in line with the world's leading trends. During this period, discussions were being held with all stakeholders to ensure that the agenda on the digital economy was taken into account and planned in line with technological changes and development developments in other countries globally so that Malaysia could not be left behind and could benefit and plan effectively.
BKE plays a role in shaping the policies and strategies of digital economy development and delivery of public services by improving the coverage and quality of digital infrastructure, creating a dynamic environment for the digital industry, strengthening the development of local digital content, implementing strategic initiatives for the digital economy, enhancing cyber security for the well-being of the public as well as to provide a comprehensive and integrated service delivery. This role will support the Government's aspiration to build an inclusive digital ecosystem, create a productive society and achieve common prosperity.
Among the issues that led the Government to take serious steps in reforming the administration were allegations of corruption, lack of transparency and accountability, inadequate resources and constraints on capacity and capacity in the public service. These efforts and challenges have affected the integrity and effectiveness of public institutions and have resulted in a deficit of trust and confidence among the people.