Organisation Chart
Energy Division

Contact Details:
Energy Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 3, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62675 W.P Putrajaya
Phone No. : 03-8090 2378
Fax : 03-8090 2500

Key Function

  • Formulate national policies on energy including oil and gas sector;
  • Devise strategies and initiatives in the Five Year Development Plan for the sustainable development of the energy sector;
  • Ensure energy security in term of reliable and sustainable supply;
  • Promote development of national oil and gas industry;
  • Promote the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Provide development expenditure for the implementation of energy-related projects and programmes.

Energy Division shall always strive to fulfill its commitment and responsibilities with full dedication through excellent work culture and professionalism in serving its clients as follows:

  • Undertake energy sector development planning in proactive, professional and effective manner;
  • Implement the Long Term Plan Framework, Five Year Development Plan and Mid-Term Review in accordance within the allotted schedule, taking into account of all professional, efficiency, quality and effectiveness aspects;
  • Evaluate, coordinate and verify the development expenses for projects and programs under the sector in accordance with the preparatory schedule of the Five Year Development Plan and Mid-Term Review of the Five Year Development Plan;
  • Review, process and verify the application of change in project's scope, the creation of new projects and provide notice of change of the project as well as on the amendment to the project’s allocation ceiling within two weeks upon receipt of comprehensive information from relevant Ministry / Agency;
  • Assist the Ministry of Finance in reviewing the annual development allocation of the approved programmes and projects under the Five Year Development Plan and Mid-Term Review of the Five Year Development Plan in accordance with the agreed schedule;
  • Provide comments on the Memorandum of the Cabinet within two weeks from the date of receipt;
  • Provide feedbacks on the Cabinet meeting’s decisions within three days from the instruction date; and;
  • Provide comments and view on energy sector-related proposals to EPU’s top management and inform the applicant within one month of the proposal or report received from the Company / Consortium.