The term “Researcher” refers to a foreigner or Malaysian citizen from a foreign institution and/or organization who does research systematically and objectively studies a matter or problem. The hope is that the research will increase knowledge and understanding in a specified field.

The information related to the research implementation mechanism in Malaysia is as follows :

►Online Researcher Information Database 2.0 (oriDB 2.0)


Attention to all researchers who wish to access biological resources and traditional knowledge associated with biological resources in Peninsular Malaysia

Please be informed that the Access to Biological Resource and Benefit Sharing Act 2017 [Act 795] is being enforced from 18 December 2020. Apart from applying an approval from Ministry of Economy, researchers are requested to follow these general procedures in respect of Act 795:

     1) Check whether the resource falls within the scope of the Act;
     2) Identify rightful Resource Provider;
     3) Comply with other written laws;
     4) Enter into benefit-sharing agreement (if the research is intended for commercial purposes); and
     5) Permit Application to the relevant Competent Authorities (CA).

For further information, please email or visit

No. Title Document
1 General Circular No. 3 Year 1999 Download
2 General Circular No.2 of 2011: Amendment to General Circular No.3 Year 1999 Download
3 Explanatory notes on sensitive issues Download
4 Important points to note Download
5 Regulations for the conduct of research in Malaysia :-  
  Rules for Application Download
  Processing of Application Download
  The Research Pass and The Conduct of Research Download
  Procedure to Extend Research Permit Download
  The Payment of Fees Download
  On Completion of Research Download
  Contact Information Download
6 Checklist for Foreigner Download
7 Checklist for Malaysian Download
8 Code of conduct for Researchers in Malaysia Download
9 Guidelines for the collection and distribution of specimens Download
10 Role and Responsibilities of the Malaysian Counterpart Download
11 Flow Chart : Activities involved in applying to conduct research in Malaysia Download
12 List of Title for Final Research Report available under EPU keeping (For reference Only) Download
13 Flow Chart : To get professional visit pass from the Immigration Department of Malaysia Download