Organisation Chart
Services Industry Division


Contact Details:
Services Industry Division
Ministry of Economy
1st Floor, Menara Prisma, Precint 3 
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62675 Putrajaya
Tel No : 03-8000 8000
Fax : 03-8090 2500


Services Industry Division was established as a result of the rebranding of the Economic Planning Unit in 2007. The division started its operation on the 1st of August 2007 and it was established to serve the services sector better, as it is the biggest contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP)


Services Industry Division is responsible for planning, formulation of policies, strategies and development programmes for the services sector in its efforts to strengthen the sector as the nation's economic growth leader. In achieving the objective, six (6) units has been established as follows:

  • Macro, Financial Services & Halal Industry Unit
  • Business and Professional Services (BPS), Multilateral & Private Health Services Unit
  • Bilateral Trade, Private Education & Construction Unit
  • Distributive Trade(DT), Competition Policy, Logistics, Manufacturing Related Services (MRS) & Small-and Medium-Enterprise (SME) Unit
  • Arts & Culture Unit
  • Tourism Unit

Key Function

  • Planning, formulate policies, strategies, and development programmes for the services industry.
  • Monitors policies, strategies, programmes and project implementations based on KPI/ outcome.
  • Evaluate, endorse and monitor development allocations.
  • Review policies, strategies, programmes and recommend adjustments as well as changes
  • Carry out economic research and intelligence

SIP pledges to perform the responsibilities entrusted with total dedication through excellence work cultures and professionalism in offering services to customers as follows :

  • Planning the development of service sector productively, professionally, and effectively;
  • Preparing the Long-term Planning Framework, Five-Years Development Plan, Mid-Term Review in compliance to predetermined schedules professionally, efficiently with quality, and effectively;
  • Evaluate and endorse development allocations for programmes/ projects by sub-sectors priorities in line with documents preparation of Five-Years Development Plan and Five-Year Development Plan Mid-Term Review;
  • Monitors and evaluate approved development programmes/ projects under the Five-Year Development Plan, Mid-Term Review and certify ceiling changes in allocation within three (3) working days after receiving complete information from the Ministry/Agencies;
  • Analyse and prepare feedback on Cabinet's Memorandum within two (2) weeks from the date received;
    • The feedback on Cabinet's Memorandum will be prepared sooner, based on client's request and subject to the availability of information;
  • Prepares feedbacks to Cabinet/Minister decision within three (3) day after receiving the instructions; and
  • Reply to questions from Parliament in respect to service sector and to take immediate clear and precise coordinating actions.