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Information Management Division

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Information Management Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 5, Menara Prisma
No 26, Jalan Persiaran Precint 3,
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62675, Putrajaya
Tel. No. : 03-80902320
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Information Management Section is one of the sections that provide support and service facilities to all sections in the Ministry of Economy.


  • Provide computer service facilities to all sections in Ministry of Economy involved in making National economic policy plans.
  • Ensure analytical work on the economic data could be performed with ease, speed and accuracy.
  • Provide complete hardware and software tools to supplement computer facility needs which are ever changing.
  • Ensure officers and staff of EPU are adequately exposed with knowledge on computer technology by organising continuous training programmes.

Key Function

  • Provide information and communications technology services and resources to support the mission, objectives and functions of the Ministry of Economy.
  • Design, develop, execute, maintain and upgrade the application system and databases to support the operational functions and management of the Ministry of Economy.
  • Prepare the ICT infrastructure ie. to design, develop, maintain, supervise and upgrade the Ministry of Economy Local Area Network (LAN ).
  • Manage the maintenance and operations of all computer hardware and software so that they are in good condition at all times.
  • Manage, implement, coordinate and monitor ICT security in the Ministry of Economy.
  • Provide ICT training for staff members to enable them to become more IT literate.
  • Provide consultancy and help desk service.

Being the Section that provides service and support facilities in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to all Sections in Ministry of Economy. This Section endeavours to implement the objectives and strategies that have been set to ensure all clients receive fast and effective services;

This Section undertakes to implement the duties and responsibilities entrusted to it with full dedication so as to continuously move towards achieving Ministry of Economy objectives. In providing services to clients, we promise to:

  • Provide the latest ICT facilities that meet the standards set by the Government;
  • Ensure the computer network and all application systems being developed meet clients needs, are easy to use and function at all times;
  • Ensure security of computer network, information in the database and other classified information are always protected;
  • Develop and complete all new application systems together with its documentation and training within nine (9) months from date application is received, subject to the requirement by users that have been finalized and complications of the system;
  • Provide feedback to every complaint received within one (1) working day, provide technical support within two (2) working days and solve problems within three to five (3 - 5) working days, subject to availability of parts from suppliers ;
  • Ensure content on the Ministry of Economy Website and other websites managed by Ministry of Economy always up to date in accordance with the SOP that has been established and can be accessed at all times;
  • Update database within one (1) week from day data is received and report is produced within five (5) days from the receipt date;
  • Provide computer facilities with the ratio of one (1) PC to every officer (1:1); and
  • Ensure Ministry of Economy personnel exposed to the latest ICT technology through awareness and training programs on a regular basis at least two (2) times a year.

We are prepared to accept any constructive opinion from clients for the mutual benefit of providing organised, systematic and user friendly services.