The Guideline on The Acquisition of Properties, issued by the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department has been revised to enforce the RM1 million minimum threshold for acquisition of properties by foreign interests, in line with the 2014 Budget. The Guideline will be effective from 1 March 2014. Therefore, the Guideline which was effective since 1 January 2011 is repealed. Thank you.

No. Title Document
1 Acquisition of Properties – UPE SA/2009 Download
2 Acquisition of Properties – PROFORMA I/2009 (For Company) dan PROFORMA II/2009 (For Individual) Download
3 Acquisition of Properties – UPE R/2009 – Appeal Form Download
4 Guidelines On The Acquisition Of Properties (effective on 1 March 2014) Download
5 Acquisition of Properties – UPE H/2009 - Application Form For The Acquisition Of Property Valued RM20 Million And Above By Non Bumiputera Interest From Bumiputera Interest And/Or Government Agency Download

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