Organisation Chart:

Regional Development Division

Contact Details:
Regional Development Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 1, Quadrant 1, Menara Prisma
No.26, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3

Tel. No. : 03-80902661


In January 2019, the Regional Development Division (BPW) was established following the restructuring of the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department (EPU, JPM). BPW continued to operates when EPU, JPM was restructured as the Ministry of Economy in December 2022. BPW comprises four units: Spatial Development, Rural Development, Corridor Development, and Regional Cooperation.


The primary objective of BPW is to ensure efficient and effective development planning that optimises the use of resources to achieve balanced development between regions, states, and urban and rural areas.

Main Functions

  • Formulating policies, strategies, and programs to distribute socioeconomic activities and infrastructure, and provide quality social amenities to enhance the quality of life in rural areas.
  • Coordinating, evaluating, and formulating urban development policies, strategies, and programs.
  • Planning, evaluating, and coordinating regional economic corridor development policies and strategies.
  • Coordinating sub-regional cooperation programs.
  • Regulating the Development Allocation (DE) for the Five-Year Malaysia Plan.

At the Regional Development Division (BPW), we are committed to providing professional and excellent customer service as well as dedicated to fulfilling our commitments with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Our responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating, reviewing, and coordinating proposed strategies and programs submitted by agencies, and conducting transparent reviews;
  • Monitoring programs and projects for the Five-Year Plan in a professional, efficient, and effective manner, while identifying areas for improvement;
  • Evaluating, coordinating, and recommending development allocation for programs and projects under regional development, in line with national-level outcomes;
  • Analyzing and evaluating proposals for new projects, and providing notice of change within seven working days of receiving complete information from the Ministry; and
  • Providing working papers/ comments/ feedbacks on issues related to regional development within prescribed time frames.