Organisation Chart
Security And Public Order Division

Contact Details:
Security and Public Order Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 7, Menara Prisma
No. 26, Persiaran Perdana
Presint 3, 
62675 Putrajaya
Tel. No. : 03-80902261


  • The Public Safety and Security Division (BKKA) was established on 26 June 2007 in accordance with the EPU Re-ruling
  • Source of Power:
    • General Circular of Preparation of the 9th Malaysia Plan.
    • Cabinet instructions for implementing certain projects (from time to time).
    • General sights No. 2 Year 1990. Standard and Cost Subcommittee for National Development Planning Committee (JPPN).
    • Development Fund Act 1996; and
    • Treasury Circles and Treasury Letters and Services and Administration Instructions.


  • Plan and develop policies for policies, policies, programs and projects of the security sector and the general administration sector
  • Reviewed and provided development provisions for the security sector sector and general administration sector / program during the Malaysian plan period.
  • Monitor progress and review issues arising during implementation of programs and projects as well as identifying improvements to existing strategies / programs / projects.

Main function

  • Plan, coordinate, control and develop budgetary policies for the development of the security sector.
  • Develop sectoral planning and development policies in the Five Year Development Plan and Mid-Term Review for the development of the security sector.
  • Provide annual budget estimates for the security sector for approval of the Cabinet and Parliament for security development.
  • Coordinate budget development and budgeting programs for agencies under the security sector.


  1. Directly
    • Cabinet
    • Ministry of Defence
    • Ministry of Home Affairs
    • Prime Minister's Department
    • Royal Malaysian Customs Department
  2. Indirectly
    • Citizen
    • Private companies