Organisation Chart
Agriculture Division

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Agriculture  Division

Ministry of Economy

Level 7, Menara Prisma

No.26, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3

Federal Government Administrative Centre

62675 Putrajaya

Tel. No. :03-80902171



Agriculture Division has been entrusted to formulate and review agriculture policy and also preparing comprehensive medium and long term plan to make agriculture sector more competitive. Besides that, this Division also responsible for preparing way forward of the policy for modernization and development of sustainable agriculture sector. In connection to that, focus was given to encourage high value agricultural-based activities as well as other activities along the value chain. Division also hope to develop agriculture sector to capitalize on market opportunities and enhance the capabilities of the sector in addressing current issues.

Key Function

  • Review existing and formulate new policies and strategies for the medium to long term development of the agriculture sector and agro-based industry in moving the economy up the value chain;
  • Analyse current agricultural issues and future trends as well as undertake studies to identify new approaches for the innovative development of the agriculture sector;
  • Allocate funds for agricultural development programmes and projects and evaluate progress and achievements of the implementation; and
  • Conduct, coordinate and monitor studies relevant to the development of the agriculture sector and agro-based industry

We pledge to carry out responsibilities with dedicated dedication through an excellent and professional work culture in providing services to customers as follows:

  • To plan the development of the agricultural and agro-based industries proactively, professionally and effectively;
  • Prepare a Five Year Development Plan (RPLT) within a defined period of professionally, efficiently and effectively;
  • Evaluate, coordinate and allocate development budget for programs and projects under the agricultural and agro-based industries based on the schedule of the preparation of the prescribed RPLT documents and in line with the achievement of government outcomes at the national level;
  • Analyze and evaluate proposals for new projects as well as provide notice of changes in ceiling amendment provisions within seven working days after complete information is received from the Ministry;
  • Assisting the Ministry of Finance in examining the annual budget for development programs and projects approved under RPLT based on the prescribed schedule;
  • Provide a review of the Memorandum of the Cabinet within two weeks from the date of receipt;
  • Provide feedback on issues related to the development of the agricultural sector in a professional manner and resolve the problem within three days; and
  • Provide comments and views on proposed agriculture-related projects from the company / consortium to the EPU management and inform the decision of the applicant within a month after the proposal paper or report received