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National Economic Action Council Secretariat (MTEN) 2023

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National Economic Action Council Secretariat
Ministry of Economy
9th Floor, Menara Prisma
No. 26, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62675 Putrajaya

No Tel: 03-80902062 

The National Economic Action Council (MTEN) is an economic advisory council to the Government, first established on 7th January 1998, during the administration of the fourth Prime Minister. At that time, the MTEN served as a consultative body to the Cabinet to address the country's economic issues, particularly providing advice to the Government to revive the economy and prevent it from falling into a recession. 

The MTEN Secretariat was established under the Ministry of Economy to assist in the administrative matters at all levels of MTEN meetings. It also monitors and reports on the progress of implementation to the MTEN. The MTEN Secretariat is led by the Deputy Chief Secretary (Policy) of the Ministry of Economy as the Chief Secretary.

The MTEN Secretariat is responsible for the safe and systematic storage of records and documents related to MTEN meetings, including presentation materials, minutes, and oher relevant documents, as specified in the Terms of Reference.

The MTEN Secretariat is required to regularly report on the implementation of decisions made by the MTEN to the MTEN meetings.


Performs duties as the Secretariat to the Economic Action Council. Manage and coordinate the preparation of Economic Action Council Meeting in accordance with guidelines set out in the Term of Reference.

  • Secretariat to the Economic Action Council,
  • Secretariat of the Executive Committee Meeting (EXCO) of The Economic Action Council,
  • Secretariat of the EXCO Working Comittee of The Economic Action Council.