Organisation Chart:

Contact Details:
Account Department,
Ministry of Economy,
Level 2, Block F11,
Complex F, Presint 1,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,,
62502 W.P Putrajaya

The establishment of Account Division is to improve the efficiency of financial management, payment and collection of the ministry as a whole. It consists of three (3) sections; namely Management Accounting Section; Consultancy and Monitoring Section; and Financial Accounting Section.


  • To ensure that accounting and financial information management is implemented efficiently in accordance with the law, financial regulation and Government Accounting Standards in force; 
  • To ensure that the accounting of payments and revenues are proper and in compliance with financial regulations in force; 
  • To provide effective advisory services on accounting and financial management in line with best practices;


  • Preparing reports and providing information and analysis to assist management in decision making.
  • Ensuring that ministry’s transactions are all accurately accounted for in a timely manner. 
  • Providing consultancy and advisory services on accounting and financial management to responsibility centres (PTJs) and monitoring the implementation of accounting systems within departments and agencies. 
  • Monitoring the management of financial and accounting of all transactions in accordance with relevant financial regulations and accounting standards. 
  • Planning, developing and implementing accounting and financial training program and courses to enhance skills and improve competencies of employees. 

We are committed to managing the accounting and finance of Ministry of Economy;In carrying out this task, we undertake to enhance the following services:

  • To make payments within two (2) working days from the date of 2nd Approval of Payment Instruction; 
  • To make payments of monthly salaries and deduction of salaries within specified dates; 
  • To prepare and submit the Monthly Financial Statements of Ministry within specified deadline; 
  • To provide early feedback on questions, queries and complaints within one (1) working day; 
  • To review the Monthly Collections and Receivables Account Document within twenty-one (21) days upon document receipt; 
  • To process payment vouchers of personal advances, vehicle loans and computer loans within five (5) working days upon receipt of complete document; 
  • To process the applications of agency's accounting system that has been finalized, within seven (7) working days upon receipt of complete document.