Organisation Chart:
Integrity Unit

Contact Details:
Head of Unit
Integrity Unit
Ministry of Economy
Level -2, Setia Perdana 5, Setia Perdana Complex
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62502 Putrajaya
No. Tel. : 03-88723391


Based on Service Circular No. 6 of 2013, the Integrity Unit is responsible for implementing six (6) core functions as follows:

  1. Governance
    To ensure the best governance is implemented;
  2. Integrity Enhancement
    To instill, institutionalise and culturise integrity within the organization
  3. Detection and Verification
    i) To detect and verify complaints regarding misconduct and violation on the code of conduct as well as ensuring appropriate action is taken; and
    ii) To report criminal offenses to relevant enforcement agencies;
  4. Complaint Management
    To receive and manage complaints regarding misconduct as well as violations on the code of conduct in organisation.
  5. Compliance
    To ensure the compliance of laws and regulations; and
  6. Disciplinary
    Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board
  1. Detect and take action of any complaints of criminal misconduct as well as violation on the code of conduct and ethics within one (1) month from the date the initial report is received.
  2. Ordinary disciplinary case is completed within four (4) months from the date of the prima facie case.
  3. Information and identity of informers/whistleblowers will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws.