The purpose of this guideline is to :

  • Present the macroeconomic prospect and size of public sector investment in the first two years of 10th Malaysia Plan;
  • Explain the planning and implementation process of 10th MP and the preparation of the Public Sector Investment Plan for 2011-2012; and
  • Provide guidance to ministries, state governments and statutory bodies on the submission of their programme and project proposals to be implemented in 2011-2012, which will contribute to achievement of the outcomes of 10th MP Key Result Areas (KRAs).
No. Title Document
1 Second 10th MP Guideline Download
2 Second 10th MP Guideline - Appendix 1 Download
3 Second 10th MP Guideline - Appendix 2 Download
4 Second 10th MP Guideline - Appendix 3 Download
5 Second 10th MP Guideline - Appendix 4 Download
6 Circular No. 2/2009 : Guideline And Regulations For Site Selection And Project Equipement Needs) Download
7 Circular No. 3/2009 : Guideline For The Implementation Of Value Management (CANCELED) Download

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