Organisation Chart:
Infrastructure and Utilities Division

Contact Details:
Infrastructure and Utilities Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 3, Quadrant 4, Menara Prisma
No. 26 Persiaran Perdana, Presint 3
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62675 W.P. Putrajaya
Tel No. : 03-80902421
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  • Plan, evaluate and review policies on roads, rails, airports, ports and public facilities that support other sectors to maintain economic growth rates.
  • Ensure adequate transportation, communication and public facilities services are adequate, efficient and cost effective and they can be provided competitively.
  • Ensure adequate allocation is provided in line with sector priorities and determines relevant agencies have the capabilities and capabilities required to implement development programs.
  • Monitoring and coordinating the implementation of plans / projects can be implemented and completed as planned.

Main Function / Role

  • Draft policies, strategies, plans and programs relating to the development of  public infrastructure and facilities including roads and bridges, urban and rail transport, ports, commercial and water and sewerage sources.
  • Draft criteria’s for evaluating infrastructure projects and public facilities for research and implementation pricing.
  • Provide list of infrastructure and public infrastructure projects for review and implementation stage.
  • Provide list of infrastructure projects and public facilities to obtain foreign technical assistance / financing.
  • Prepare a Five Year Plan and Mid-Term Review of the Five Year Plan.
  • Inspection of annual budget estimated, scope changes and preparation of notice  of change for infrastructure projects and public facilities.
  • Preparation of a paper / memorandum to the Cabinet / Minister and agencies to give feedback on the Memorandum of Jemaah Menteri.
  • Monitor the implementation of infrastructure development projects and public facilities.
  • Carry out and implement any tasks instructed from time to time.

We pledge to commit responsibilities with dedication and professionalism in serving our client / stakeholders as follows:

  • Planning pro-active, professional and effective development of infrastructure and public infrastructure;
  • Implementing the tasks of providing Long Term Plan Framework, Five Year Development Plan and Rolling Plan Five Year Development Plan with professionalism, efficiently and effectively;
  • Evaluate, coordinate and certify development budget for programs and projects under those sectors in line with the preparation schedule of the Five Year Development Plan and the Five Year Development Plan Rolling Plan;
  • Review, process and certify the application of the project's scope change, the creation of a new project and provided notice of change in relation to project’s ceiling amendments within two (2) weeks upon of complete data / information received from the Ministry / Agency which make the application;
  • Assisting the Ministry of Finance in reviewing annual development budget for approved programs and projects under the Five Year Development Plan and the Five Year Development Plan Rolling Plan;
  • Provide feedback on the Memorandum Jemaah Menteri within two (2) weeks;
  • Provide feedback to the decision of the Cabinet / Minister within three (3) days from the date of the instruction; and
  • Answering all questions professionally with regard to public infrastructure and facilities and solving problems as soon as possible precisely, clearly and courteously.

We are willing to accept constructive views from our customers / stakeholders for the mutual benefit of providing a systematic and user-friendly service.