The agriculture sector plays an important role in the national economy through its contribution to the national income and export earnings and creation of employment. The sector is also a major supplier of food as well as raw materials to resource based industries.

In line with its prominent role, the government continues to undertake adjustment measures to expedite competitiveness of the sector so as to enable it to face new challenges at domestic and international levels.


The main objectives of the National Agrofood Policy (2011-2020) are:

  • to address food security and safety to ensure availability, affordability and accessibility;
  • to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the agrofood industry; and
  • to increase the income level of agropreneurs.


The main objectives of the National Commodity Policy (2011-2020) are:

  • to increase the contribution of plantation industrial commodities to the nation's economy;
  • to modernise and transform the commodity industry towards a more competitive and sustainable level;
  • to encourage the development of the commodity industry along the value chain;
  • to increase the income of operators and smallholders in the commodity industry; and
  • to promote Malaysia as the centre of excellence in R&D, technology development and the downstream processing of industrial commodities.