Improving Productivity

Productivity levels in the distributive trade will be improved through targeted intervention and support to drive improvement in achieving specific performance outcome. Promotion of technology and e-commerce will be continued by providing support to high potential SMEs for digitilisation of business operations.

Modernisation of Distibutive Trade

Efforts to modernize, strengthen and enhance competitiveness in the distribution trade will continue. Training programmes on the management of modern businesses will be intensified to enable SMEs to undertake and implement new approaches in distributive trade. Greater collaboration between hypermarkets and traditional retailers will be encouraged.

Promote Sharing Economy

Steps will be taken in identifying the opportunities of the sharing economy through stakeholder’s needs assessment and benchmarking with global best practices. Pilot projects will be identified, implemented and further refined based on feedback. Existing laws and regulations will be strengthened to stimulate sustainable shared services by ensuring risks are mitigated while not curtailing growth and innovation.

Enhancing Internationalisation

Provide strategic customised assistance to high potential SMEs to internationalise their businesses. The assistance will enable SMEs to develop their trade networks via international trade fairs and gain access to current market research. Collaboration among the relevant stakeholders will be strengthened to raise capacity building and export promotion.

Raising Consumer Protection.

Various initiatives will be rolled out to empower consumer, improve consumer protection and enhance self-regulation among traders. These initiatives include strengthening related policies and regulations, enhancing efficient and effective consumer complaints mechanisms, and increasing consumer awareness of goods and services safety standards.