Organisation Chart:
Management Services and Finance Division

Contact Details:
Management Services and Finance Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 7, Menara Prisma, No.26, Persiaran Perdana
Federal Government Administrative Centre
625675 Putrajaya
Tel. No. : 03-8000 8000
Faks : 03-8090 2500


The role of Management Services and Finance Division as follows:

  1. Carry out matters related to financial management starting from the date complete information/documents are received as follows:















        i : Issuing Allocation Warrants to the main Responsibility Center (PTJ) and informing the allocation distribution

            to the Cost Center within seven (7) working days from the date the General Warrant is received;

        ii : Issuing Withdrawal Warrants and Allocation Transfer within fourteen (14) working days;

       iii : Process Civil Air Travel Warrant (WPUA) within three (3) working days;

       iv : Process applications for official duty abroad within five (5) working days to obtain the approval of the

            Controlling Officer;

        v : Process all bills / claims within fourteen (14) working days;

       vi : Provide vehicle and computer loan application results within five (5) working days;

      vii : Issuing local orders within three (3) working days;

     viii : Issuing an official receipt on the same date of each managed receipt;

       ix : Provide a separate salary payment voucher within seven (7) working days;

        x : Provide payment vouchers for various claims within five (5) working days;

        xi: Manage requests for power of attorney and value limits within five (5) working days;

        xii: Process all types of procurement applications from the date the complete information/documents are

             received according to the following period:

            - Submit salary change documents to the National Accountant Department / Accounts Division according to

              the dates set by JAN.

      2.   Carry out matters related to management services in the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) as follows:

          i . General Secretary Management Meeting (KSU) with Divisional Director;

         ii . Manage transportation services for UPE officers and staff within three (3) days before transportation is


        iii . File opening or file closing will be done within one (1) working day;

        iv . The handover letter will be sent no later than the next day;

         v . Stock applications from the Division will be processed within three (3) working days by the Main Store,


        vi . Manage security passes for UPE officers and staff within three (3) working days;

        vii. Manage the vehicle stickers of UPE officers and staff within five (5) working days;

       viii. Confirmation of meeting room reservations made can be done on the same day;

        ix. Complaints made about maintenance are delivered to the contractor on the same day, the status of

             maintenance works will be checked from time to time;

         x. Indent and phone card approval application within three (3) working days;

        xi. Manage contracts at the Ministry with suppliers within three (3) months before the end of the contract;

       xii. Maintain information on the Asset Management System (SPA) every 30 days and hold Government Asset

            Management Committee Meetings (JKPAK) 4 times a year;

      xiii. Carry out printing works within three (3) working days;

      xvi. Ensure the book loan process is carried out within one (1) working day; and

       xv. Ensure uniforms are completed before the end of April in the current year.